Press Release Recharge your riding kit with SDoc100

SDoc100Revitalise riding kit quickly and cost-effectively with SDoc100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash and Reproofing Spray to ensure you are ready for Autumn/Winter rainfall.

Over time, dirt and grime clog up micropores in the waterproof membranes used in motorcycle clothing, reducing their ability to repel water. Specially formulated to work at low temperatures, SDoc100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash removes contaminants from membranes and restores breathability. Unlike many common detergents and fabric softeners, it won’t damage these sensitive materials. It couldn’t be simpler to use: either add the recommended amount to your washing machine and set on a cool cycle, or hand wash your textiles. It is also safe to use on leather.

Once dried the garments are ready for the Reproofing Spray, which does exactly what it says on the tin: helping to re-proof fabrics (including leather) that have lost their water resistance. Also quick and easy to apply, just shake the can to activate, then spray over the entire outer shell of the garment. Pause to allow it to soak into the fabric shell, then apply an even heat with a hairdryer to dry and activate the proofing formula. It forms an invisible barrier against the elements, preventing rain and road spray from penetrating the fabric and protecting against bleaching from UV radiation. It’s also oil and dirt repellent and won’t stain the fabric.

Press Release Recharge your riding kit with SDoc100Both products are suitable for use on most technical climate membranes such as Gore-Tex and Sympatex and can be used on soft luggage, backpacks, etc, too.

SDoc100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash retails at £13.00 and the Reproofing Spray costs £10.00 – including VAT – a fraction of the cost of upgrading riding kit. For details on the complete SDoc100 Motorcycle Care range, visit or call 01256 704 909.