Kawasaki GPX750R

Project Kawasaki GPX750R Endurance Racer

GPX750RRobert Bean is an old friend of Classic Motorbikes Net, he’s a bike fanatic and builds some of the coolest bikes you’re likely to see. He also enjoys the fruits of his labours, over the years he’s done it all from circuit racing to speed testing his Suzuki Spondon Turbo on the hallowed sands of Pendine.

For 2018 he’s got a few projects on the go and he’s kindly going to share with us progress on his Kawasaki GPX750R race bike. Over to Rob for the plan.

Kawasaki GPX750R race bikeI have entered this years Endurance Legends 4 hour endurance race at Donington.
I’ve not got a massive budget so I can’t really afford to build a Suzuki GSX-R750 or GSX-R1100 Slabside. My uncle also just happened to have this GPX750 sat around. I also conveniently have a load of ZXR750H1/H 2 parts laying round from when I raced them years ago.
The plan is to run in the super-bike class, for no other reason that the rules are a bit more flexible.
I’m going rebuild the engine, and plan to use some ZXR pistons, crank and rods in the GPX750 motor for a bit more go.

The chassis will get a ZXR750 H2 front end and wheels, this will give me better handling and decent brakes.

Kawasaki GPX750RI will also fit a decent shock, some racing  rear sets and be cutting off as much weight as i can, that will be about it modification wise.
The rest will be stripped and serviced or replaced as needed.
Should make for a fairly competitive and cheap race bike.

Kawasaki GPX750R frameCurrently it’s in lots of pieces all over the garage floor. The frame and wheels are already away for powder coating and I’m going to get into the motor this weekend to check it over and start fitting those ZXR parts.

We will be keeping you posted on Rob’s progress.