Project Yamaha TZR125 update

Yamaha TZR125I went inside the garage to do one thing and ended up doing something totally different! Hopefully you can relate to just how easy that can happen. I needed to move the TZR125, that’s where my plan A fell by the wayside. Pulling the TZR outside I realised that I still hadn’t found five minutes to give it a good prod and poke, so that’s where plan B came in.

We would like to tinker with this bike later in the year, partly for the sake of it, partly because there’s a few areas that would respond to treatment. These are mostly cosmetic blights, the dings on the fuel tank, the rusty bolts that show their age. It also dawned on me that I have never started the bike, so with no time like the present I ticked that box.

1990 Yamaha TZR125The two stroke starting ritual begun, a tug of the choke knob on the left side of the carb, but only after switching the fuel tap to on. The neutral and oil light pop up once the ignition is switched on, they still remind me of fruit gums with their juicy looking red and green glow.

One kick, two kick and away she goes. The engine sounds pretty spot on, so I pick up the revs and knock the choke off at the same time, a few more blips and it all settles down to a tick over.

TZRI love how these old bikes can brighten up an otherwise mediocre Monday morning. I never did achieve my main aim of opening up the garage, like I care! I promptly went indoors and searched Ebay for TZR parts!