1976 Kawasaki KH500

Rare 1976 Kawasaki KH500 Up For Auction

This stunning machine, one of just three built and confirmed by the world-famous Allen Millyard, heads up the next H&H Classic bikes sale at the National Motorcycle Museum on July 20th in Solihull.

Built for one of his dear friends and made into an 850/5 in 2005 and known as the KH FIVE, like most of Allen’s specials they use his signature technique of adding an extra cylinder (or two).The other two KH Fives are in the United States

This well-known machine has been iseen and displayed in multiple magazines, shows and Facebook groups.

Allen Millyard built this 850cc five-cylinder bike in 2005 from a pair of Kawasaki KH500 triple engines. The crankcases were cut by hacksaw into sections and welded back together as a five-cylinder crankcase.

He stripped down two triple crankshafts and reassembled them as one five-cylinder crankshaft, at 1-5-2-4-3 interval. The gearbox output shaft was extended to allow the engine to be fitted centrally in the frame. The engine was then ready for assembly with one centre cylinder, two left-hand cylinders, and two right-hand cylinders. The oiling system was modified by joining a pair of three-cylinder oil pumps together.

Mike Davis of H&H Classics, says: “When Allen builds his machines, he likes to retain the original lines and features wherever possible. Stock paintwork was applied by Vintage car painter Neil Howarth. The classic parts were cleaned. all brightwork parts were re-plated and the frame was powder coated.”

“The last job was to make the five steel expansion chambers, which were all done by hand. The cones are first made in then traced around onto a steel sheet. Allen used tin snips to cut the sections, then hand-rolled around a piece of scaffold tube and gas welded them together. Once fitted to the bike, they were chrome plated.” Interest in this bike is expected from around the world.