Record entry for Thunderfest 2015

Record entry for Thunderfest 2015

Cliff Shorter will be in action on his iconic 1962 Ducati75 years young Davy Wilkinson was second in class B. Here in action with #28 Tony Head and his BSAWith just six places before a complete sell out, Thunderfest 2015 – which will be held as part of the Welsh Classic Motorcycle Festival at the Anglesey Circuit over the weekend of May 30/31 – has attracted a record entry.

Thunderfest organiser, Frank Melling, said: “We’re delighted with both the size, and quality, of the entry. We will have some fabulous bikes ranging from 1960s GP bikes to modern classics like the iconic Moto Guzzi Le Mans. In eight years of the Thunderfest, this is the best entry we have ever had.

“Cavalcade entries are strong too.

“A key factor is the popularity of the Anglesey Circuit. Every rider is in agreement that Anglesey is one of the great tracks in the world with a completely natural layout which is the nearest to real road racing that a rider can have on a race circuit.

“The large size of the entry means that there will be some great track action and the Le Mans start will get each day’s Thunderfest off to a spectacular start.”