GSX1100 Runt

Runt GSX1100 update

GSX1100Now that 2018 is firmly underway we need to crack on with getting our Suzuki GSX1100 ready for some summer loving.

The good news is it starts and runs, the bad news is it’s going to need some fettling to return it to a legit road bike.

We are probably going to opt for a daytime only MOT, despite being fitted with lights neither of them are wired up, there’s very little in the way of a wiring loom under the bodywork. It’s been chopped around so much over the years to the point that other than providing sparks to the HT caps it does very little else.

GSX1100 RuntThe front tyre is perished, it’s been on there for almost a decade! The bike was built originally to race in Early-stocks, their rulebook insisted on an 18 inch front wheel, so that’s why it’s fitted with a GSX-R750H rim.

The exhaust might look crap, but it’s solid and works, it’s definitely one of the things we want to change sooner rather than later. We’ve been looking for a decent secondhand item, so far with no luck. With a Newark autojumble on the horizon this month it’s a good time to make a note of other parts we are going to need.

That’s what we’ll be doing this week, digging the Runt out and making ourselves a list.

Suzuki GSX1100 GSX1100 tank