Yamaha RD50

Rust in peace. Yamaha RD50

Yamaha RD50Having walked past this crusty Yamaha RD50 a few times during my day out at Newark my curiosity got the better of me and I had to find out how much it was up for.

I knew it wouldn’t be cheap, simply because it was now almost midday and the RD50 had been here like myself since 7am, any genuine bargains are snapped up well before now.

RD50The market for corroded mopeds is actually a healthy one, another indication that this little ped might carry a high price on its head.

Talking of heads, that’s all that was there on the top half of the engine!

The seller was concluding a deal with a chap, so until he was free I took a good look at the remains of the sporty moped.

The bottom end was seized solid, and the Micron exhaust was lacking its baffle, maybe some extreme tuning in the dim and distant past had lead to its death!

The Performance Bike sticker on the chain guard was of late 80s origin, likewise so to was the CSM Rider Training sticky.

RD50 Micron pipeFinally I got my opportunity to ask how much it was. I had a guestimate price in mind of around £300 to £400.

I was well out, £600 was the asking price.

From where I was standing there was just too much missing for starters, plus what was there was pretty much Donalded Duck’d.

Take a look at the pics and let us know what you think?

RD50 engine