Saint Model 1 Motorcycle Jeans

Saint Model 1 Jeans – Unbreakable Denim 6.0

Saint Model 1 JeansUsing ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW) woven into denim, the Model 1 jeans are based on Saint’s unique unbreakable denim. Expanding on the previous range, the Model 1 jeans feature CE approved armour on the hip and knees.

Technical details:

  • Saint Unbreakable 6.0
  • Saint Technical 14oz Denim
  • Removable and adjustable CE Level 1 activated knee armour
  • Removable CE Level 2 activated hip armour
  • 6 seconds* (~ 75 metres slide time).
  • Saint’s fibres are stronger than steel and float on water
  • Impact Zones – CE EN 13595-1 : 2002 Level 1 rated 66% UHMWPE / 34% Cotton & Low impact zones 10% UHMWPE / 90% Cotton
  • 360º impact, burst and abrasion resistant

We’re proud to be producing clothing that has proven to work when things unfortunately go pear shaped:

Saint Model 1 Motorcycle Jeans“The bike bucked me off to the right and the right rear luggage box which was made of aluminum hit the ground with my left foot stuck under the top luggage box located over the rear of the bike.

I realized I was getting dragged down the highway by my foot I shoved the bike off myself and spun around on my back and sped past the bike on my back. I had enough time in the roughly 70 feet I slid to think, “WOW, I’m alive.” and “Holy Sh&* these pants are amazing!” No joke, I thought that.”

Co-founder Mike Lelliot:

“We take being protected as seriously as looking good and we wanted to make sure that we had a jean that made sense on every point.”

 “Clothing that is all day wearable, inspires and can save your arse when things go random is what we are all about”

About Saint:

Founded in 2014 on the back of the question “Why should what you put on in the morning limit what you do with your day?” Saint’s mission was to create all day wearable moto apparel that didn’t compromise looks for safety, or safety for fashion.

Saint apparel delivers great freedom and form, with world first single layer protection. With no bulky layers or liners, we provide the very best in strength and impact abrasion resistant denim, while maintaining a classic style. We equip you with Unbreakable apparel and celebrate the Unbreakable human spirit.

Visit for more details and to view the full range of Saint products have to offer. The jeans are available to buy from UK stockist online or in the London store.

The Review

With the popularity of kevlar (or similar) jeans increasing significantly over recent years, it is no surprise the number of manufacturers cashing in has gone up, as bikers ditch leather for jeans which have the attraction of being worn casually too and are also popular with commuters. Saint, based in Australia, are offering a new approach to kevlar, a material called Dyneema, which claims to be 15 times stronger than steel – IMPRESSIVE!

For health and safety reasons (as well as insurance) we didn’t do the 6-second (75-meter) drag test or fall off our motorcycle deliberately but you can however see how strong the jeans are in the video below, which is a great example of their durability.

Saint produce five styles for men and one for ladies, we reviewed the men’s Model 1 Jean, which currently retail at about £160 (GBP) although there are cheaper and more expensive jeans in their range. We would probably class these jeans as a premium product and you can therefore expect to pay a premium price but you pay for what you get and who can put a price on your own skin…exactly!

We found the jeans to be very comfortable on and off the bike and stylish too, although a tad hot when the mercury gets over 25 degrees but you can’t have your cake and eat it! These jeans are probably the most durable we have ever tested.

Knee and hip removable armour provided as standard.

The only vaguely negative thing we have to say is that the fit is a little on the skinny side and it is a struggle to get a pair of boots under the jeans.

cb_knee-sliders5 stars all the way…cb_knee-sliderscb_knee-sliderscb_knee-sliderscb_knee-sliders