Scabby to Slabby – Part search at Newark

classic bike autojumbleArmed with fifteen ten pound notes I travelled to Newark looking to invest my ill gotten gains. I had no real game plan other to spend it on stuff that I could resell at a profit.

Buying at an autojumble is fun, it’s also something that you have to remain fairly focused, otherwise the temptation to buy things on impulse can actually bite you on the arse.

I started off by looking for a bike, I was there nice and early so had a good opportunity to buy something and try to punt it on whilst still there!

There were no shortage of cheapie projects, but nothing that fell inside my paltry budget.

Time to instigate plan B.

I went looking for parts, stuff that I could take home and sell on ebay.

This is where my fortunes changed.

clocksFirst up was a set of clocks, I knew what they were off even if the seller didn’t. He wanted £50, I offered £30.

He was still unloading his van and wasn’t overly engaging on the haggling, I held on to the clocks and kept on looking at his other shite, sorry I mean stock. I knew that they were easily worth the £50, but offered him £40 anyway.

He accepted. I parted with four of my fifteen ten pound notes, and Scabby to Slabby was back in business.

Next up was an assortment of old carburettors, probably from single cylinder off road machines? All four looked clean but three had their slides missing. The beauty of little parts like these is they are easy to post, perfect for ebay.

Kawasaki Z1000The seller was having a good day, I was present at 7.30am when he had sold a butchered Kawasaki Z1000 for £500. I open my chat and then popped the question regarding how much were the bucket of carbs?

“Gotta be worth twenty quid” was his reply.

I wasn’t sure if he meant each or for the job lot, so I clarified this.

“Yeah, the lot” he confirmed.

Another pair of tenners left my pocket. I was happy with my haul, so left it at that for this buying mission.

old carburettorsI’ve still got £80 in the kitty, just incase I get stuck with my investment!

I now need to get these bits sold!