NS400 fairing panel

Scabby to Slabby

Our Scabby to Slabby fund reaches £400.

Having spent £60 in cold cash at the Newark autojumble it was to eBay that I turned to sell on my stash of classic bike parts.

UK spec RD500LC set of clocksThe star of my plunder were the UK spec RD500LC set of clocks that owed me £40 after some friendly haggling.

I knew that there was a pay day in them so popped them on a well known internet auction site. Initially I stuck a large buy it now on them, after a week I had a dozen watchers, but no sale! I reduced them from £400 to £300 to tempt a watching rat from the hole, none came forward.

To keep things interesting I ended my listing and stuck them up for an auction.

I started them at £4.99 and sat back. Within a day I was in virtual profit, with them sitting at £51. More importantly the watch list grew, after all it takes at least two people to make an auction. My listing was live for a week, tactically set by me to end at that eBay golden time slot of Sunday evening.

By midweek I was into three figures, but only just, £101 was good for a double my money situation, after those eBay fees etc had been deducted. Come Sunday evening and I got ready for the climax of my listing.

Upshot was they sold for £245 ( plus postage). After paying Lord eBay his cut and other fees I am left with around £215. Not too shabby for some old bike parts purchased in a field at Newark.

The other parts I purchased that day need to be shifted, I have sold the GSX-R1100 CDI but still have a tub of carbs to punt on.

NS400 fairing panelAway from the jumble plunder there was another touch this month. I stumbled upon a Honda NS400R panel online, and got it purchased. The panel was a right hand side belly pan panel in the HRC colours. It set me back £40, within 24 hours I was posting out and had sold it for £125, of which £12.98 was postage.

Take a bit off for packing and that’s another £70 in the kitty.

A quick tally up reveals that I now have £405 in the fund, plus there’s those pesky carbs to sell on that owe me a score.

I’m keen to buy something else to turnaround, with the next Newark jumble a few weeks away it’s a case of seeing what bargains I can spot elsewhere, money in the bank is pointless when you’ve got a Slabby to save up for.