Shipping a Motorcycle from the US to the UK

Classic Bikes LogoAre you planning a long term trip to the UK and need to have your motorcycle shipped so you can enjoy riding while in the country? Shipping a motorcycle from the states to the UK has never been easier than it is today. People often worry about safety when they need to ship a motorcycle or they worry about how much it will cost and if it will be difficult to have the bike transported. If those are things you have found yourself worrying about, you can stop worrying and start relying on a quality auto transport company like A-1 Auto Transport Inc. to handle your motorcycle and give you peace of mind during shipment. The team at A1AutoTransport Inc. has the knowledge and experience to ship your motorcycle safely, quickly and with rates that won’t break the bank.


Safety is always the most important aspect of shipping a motorcycle. Whether you want it shipped across town or you need it shipped across the ocean. Nothing is worse than having a bike delivered damaged. A motorcycle owner knows no boundaries when it comes to bike safety to ensure that the motorcycle looks and rides great. Even a small paint chip can ruin the overall appearance as well as the value of a beautiful motorcycle. When you ship a bike to the UK, you need to make sure the company you hire is professional and will handle the bike with care throughout the duration of transport.

Shipping Time

When you are in a hurry and anxious to have your motorcycle delivered, you definitely don’t want to sit around waiting for weeks, or even months. You need to speak to a company like A-1 Auto Transport Inc. that can provide you with instant quotes, GPS tracking and outstanding customer service from start to finish. A quality shipper will have on-time delivery and won’t leave you waiting around wondering where the bike is while it is in transit to the UK.


Throughout the years, automobile and motorcycle transport overseas has become quite affordable even when compared to rates as early as even a decade ago. You will need to pay taxes and customs fees just as automobile, truck and SUV owners must pay when shipping motor vehicles and you will need to pay the expense of the container to ship the motorcycle in. Some bike owners will opt for open shipping methods, but it is highly recommended to ship a motorcycle in a crate or a container to reduce the risk of damage along the way.

Motorcycle owners know that owning a motorcycle is not just about the efficiency of travel. Instead, it is about the friendships that riding a motorcycle will bring, the quicker routes to getting where you need to go and the overall excitement that having a bike will bring to your daily life. When you want to have a motorcycle shipped to the UK, never let doubts get in your way. The quicker you contact a reliable motorcycle transporter, the sooner you’ll be breaking free on the UK roadways and really enjoying the beauty of the country.