Spondon Yamaha TZ

Spondon TZ Triple

Yamaha TZEvery so often you stumble upon a classic motorcycle that you know nothing about.

This Spondon Yamaha racer hides a secret behind that freshly painted fairing, fully expecting to see a Yamaha TZ twin cylinder or the rarer TZ four cylinder engine fitted inside the purposeful Spondon frame I wasn’t expecting to see a three cylinder motor!

There was a craze during the 70s and 80s for building special brew two stroke engines, and with Yamaha not covering the three cylinder two stroke design themselves it was left to clever engineers to go where Yamaha failed to tread.

Yamaha TZ twin cylinderThis bike is a proper racer, after being rebuilt in 2003 it was raced between 2004 and 2006.

The specification is top notch, with lots of household names from the racing world being attached to that Spondon chassis.

Astralite wheels add class ( and weight!) Brembo brakes take care of the braking department and Lectron carbs deal with funnelling the two stroke mix into the three barrels.

The unique thing about this rarity is it was the very first frame that Spondon designed for the three cylinder Yamaha based engines.

Yamaha TZ rear wheel