Yamaha YB100 for sale

Stickney Autojumble – 26-July 2020

CBR600 rolling chassisWith the 7.30 am news on the radio jabbering on about quarantine measures for Brits returning from Spain, we headed off to the Stickney autojumble. 2020 is the year that just keeps on giving. The sun was shining and the roads were empty for the 30 ish minutes drive to a field just outside Boston, Lincs. It’s been a good few months since we’ve been along to an autojumble, and although Stickney isn’t in the same league as your Newarks, it was still a thrill to be popping along.

Free entry and a fiver a pitch for the traders meant we weren’t alone! Arriving at just gone 8 am the jumble was in full flow. Neat rows of assorted vans all spewing out their plunder for us to admire and buy. I was hoping to see heaps of used motorcycle parts, but this wasn’t to be. The jumble was a borderline boot sale. I walked past the fruit and veg stall, plus the ones selling gardening kit (the guys who had arrived with PPE kit to sell were at least on trend).

classic bikes for saleUp and down the rows I went in search of stuff I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. My purchases were slim, but the quality outweighed the quantity. A guy who was selling some Yamaha RD350LC stuff for his mate wanted me to be buyer and seller when I uttered the words “How much is this mate”? I was holding an uncut rear LC subframe section. He told me it was a fairing bracket, game on.

Knowledge is power! So after he’d told me he knew nothing about strokers, I bid him a tenner. He talked me up to £15, but I managed to ace him with a 350LC grab rail that I had also found and clutched hold of! £25 later a deal was done. He had other stuff, but started to bore me with his references to prices on eBay like he was the Wolf of Wall St referring to stocks on the Nasdaq. Three hours later I was home. The jumble buys will go on eBay in the week and I can’t wait to get to Newark in August.