Suzuki GS1000

Suzuki GS1000 – Sheene Machine

Here at we’ve not seen a Suzuki GS1000 for a while, so we smiled out loud when we walked up to this one at a bike show recently. It wasn’t too long ago that unloved GS1000s were being savaged for parts  by people building XR-69 replicas, that craze appears to have passed by now, it’s Suzuki Bandit 1200 engines that they’re hunting down now. The Suzuki GS1000 was a great bike in its day, it had a bulletproof engine and decent looks. The eight valve air cooled motor had a fairly short run, it gave way to the GSX1100 with its sixteen valve head. This GS1000 looks to have been lovingly rebuilt, there’s a great mix of original parts and well chosen modern chassis parts. There’s obviously a Barry Sheene influence, this is weird when you consider that Sheene often went on record to express his lack of passion for four stroke racing bikes.Suzuki GS1000 Barry Sheene Replica