Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot Impulse Purchase!

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K SlingshotAn ordinary Saturday evening checking Facebook Marketplace, sharp frost outside, lots of snow on the ground, a perfect motorcycle buyers market. A nice, polished frame, modified (nicely) 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100 Model K Slingshot, fitted with a Bandit 1200 engine and 40mm carbs quickly grabbed my attention, my screen was soon filled with high resolution images and halted my browsing progress immediately, lots of pictures, massive description, lots of new (and upgraded) parts, same owner 20 years and the price was pretty reasonable, this was sure not to hang around for long, AND it was just 16 miles away. The same bike was also advertised on multiple Facebook groups and ebay, listed just 2 hours ago, news would soon spread…

A short-notice viewing on Saturday evening was quickly curtailed by the owner as he clearly has a life (unlike myself!) so 09:00am Sunday it was then!

A few quick messages gleaned a little more detail;

GSX-R1100 K SlingshotComplete Slingshot in the best blue/white colours, professional paint job, full V5 (no history), starts and runs, recently been built back up after being used on the drag strip (not with this engine!) but left dormant for the past few years, the retiring owner decided he didn’t need as many as 7 bikes in his life so it was time to trim the herd (or is it flock?). Comes with full race farings, spare 40mm carbs, couple of sprocket carriers and spare front fairing bracket. Bike was written off (Cat C) in 1997, the same year the current owner bought it, following some light fairing damage after a minor spill. Oversized rear wheel.

So….after a restless nights’ sleep I arrived earlier than planned Sunday morning with high expectations, the pictures on Facebook looked great, I just hoped they did the old girl justice…

GSX-R1100 KI had my rose-tinted glasses with me but she still looked stunning and everying I had hoped for, the fuel tap hidden behind the seat cowl and no handlbar choke (who needs modern tech!) but she started from cold without much persuasion. Revved cleanly, GREAT paint job, if I were being REALLY picky, the wheels could do with sandblasting and a re-spray (maybe a change of colour) but the bike was already priced to sell, these Slingshots are easily listed at £4000+ for a good, original and unmolested example.

I pretended to play it cool but was salivating badly, I bit my tongue for a good 3 minutes before shaking hands and coming to a ‘gentlemans agreement’, whatever that means!

K Model SlingshotOk, deal done, full asking price agreed, deposit paid, I would be back a couple of days later to complete the deal.

The spares were not required and would probably be sold fairly soon to lessen the cost of my new investment, as I would have to invest a little more (but not much) money to get her to the required MOT standard.

The next problem would be insurance, how hard can it be to insure a Category C written off motorcycle with multiple performance enhancing modifications, I think the clocks, front wheel and mudguard is standard, that must count for something?

Where did I leave that double-braced swingarm…?

Brief 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot Specifications;

  • Engine – 1127cc
  • Power – 138bhp
  • Top Speed – 167mph
  • Weight – 210kg
  • 1/4 Mile – 10.2s / 133.6mph

The Slingshot K model was a redesign with a lower, shorter and stiffer but heavier frame and larger 1127cc engine and larger 36mm carbs, 17″ wheels and clip-ons mounted above the top triple clamp.

The full Suzuki GSX-R1100 Slingshot Facebook ad;

1989 GSX-R1100 K Model road bike/ race/ parade bike/ streetfighter
95% finished
Full V5
Has been raced in the past by my dad who’s owned this for over 20 years .
Comes with new full race fairings
polished frame /forks/yokes casings
Bandit 1200 engine with k cams
40mm carbs with K&N filters
Was professionally painted a few years ago and still looks great
New oil and filter
New plugs
New clip ons and Resiviours
New yss shock
New clutch cover
Braded front lines and clutch cable
Standard wiring look , just missing the lights loom
Ebc disc/ 6 pop calipers
New fork seals and oil
New battery
4 into 1 exhaust
Swingarm needs polishing
Rear break caliper needs fitting (comes with bike )and a brake like needed.
Starts and runs great but not ridden since built to this stage .
New rear sprocket /DID chain
Few odd bits will come with it /set of carbs and bits and bob’s . Anymore questions please ask.

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot cockpitCouldn’t really ask for much more detail, shame other sellers didn’t offer so much information up front as it keep the timewasters at bay!

Keep an eye out for progress reports on here, on the to do list;

Short term (in no particular order);

Headlight and rear lights need wiring-up.
Number plate holder/tail tidy
Indicators fitting
Rear caliper mounting and brakes bleeding
Possibly tyre(s), need to check!
Mirrors? (probably not, would spoil the clean lines!)

Just enough time left to get her ready for Spring

Long term (maybe);

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot with 1200 Bandit enginePolished swing arm (should we use the double-braced swingarm? Not one for the purists!)
Wheels sandblasted and re-sprayed (maybe a different colour)
Add headlight fairing, we shall probably leave it in streetfighter mode (no side fairings) as we like the look

double-braced swingarmOur local bike breaker motorbike breakers recently broke a 1990 L-model Slingshot and GSX-R750 / GSX-R1100 hybrid (also with Bandit 1200 engine) so we will be round there shortly to pimp our ride.

Let us know what you think…sayonara, until next time…