1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot – Stage 2 (Insurance)

1989 GSX-R1100 BrochureThe Slingshot is safely home after hitching a lift and an uneventful 16-mile journey from our local and friendly bike breakers motorbike-breakers.com. They don’t usually offer a motorcycle delivery service but we have a man on the inside!

GSX-R1100 SlingshotInsurance had to be first on the list, you can’t be too careful these days and she is a desirable old girl. As we like a bit of human interaction and needed to insure a Gixer special we thought it prudent to speak to a small, independent insurance company, or Broker. A local firm, recommended by several friends, BeMoto, based just down the road in Thorney, were more than happy to oblige, they specialise in non-mainstream stuff, specials, trackday bikes, custom bikes, quad bikes, non-road bikes (!!!), trikes and the like, a perfect fit I thought!

Not a household name just yet, but based on my limited, positive experiences it’s only a matter of time before the biker folk at BeMoto gain a bigger reputation. I found their details via their Facebook page, after getting side tracked looking at their content, I picked up the phone and belled them up….after 10 minutes of harrowing questions and frowning they were armed with all the information they needed to go into battle with their bespoke list of insurers…

Naked Slighshot Model K GSX-R1100£150 fully comp, including legal fees and protected NCB, social domestic and pleasure use plus commuting to a single place of work (no business use) £300 excess…RESULT! No need for shopping around then, where do I sign?

(disclaimer; I am 43 years old with 10 years no claims and do less than 5000 (dry) miles per annum!) 

and don’t forget this is a 29-year-old GSX-R1100 with multiple modifications and written off as a Category C in 1997!

A good day’s work I thought.

Wonder how much the tax is???? (Will find out when Spring arrives).

classic Suzuki GSX-R1100 vinyl wall bannerNext on the agenda (in no particular order);

  • Identify MOT requirements
  • Shopping for parts
  • Fit parts
  • Order classic Suzuki GSX-R1100 vinyl wall banner for the garage (might do this first as it’s the most important)
  • Sell surplus parts (again, high on the list)
  • Book MOT

Ta ta for now…

About BeMoto

1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100Established in 2015, specialising in bespoke bike policies and out-of-the-ordinary stuff, as well as classic bikes,  fleet and trade insurance, multi-bike policies, SORN or laid-up cover,  no job too small. You won’t find any limitations on the number of modifications allowed here. Click the link above or call 01733 907 000 (Mon – Sat). No policy amendment charges for an address or bike change either.

Give ’em a try, nowt to lose…