K Model Slingshot

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot – Stage 3 (decisions, decisions…)

1989 GSX-R1100 KFeeling rather pleased with our recent purchase I proceeded to gloat a little on some of the specialist Gixer 1100 Facebook groups (and Butchered Classics) and posted a few teaser pictures whilst puffing out my chest. Lots of positive feedback was received well over 48 hours after posting them, some of which saw the bike for sale and wished they had acted sooner. At £2600 all in (including spares) it was a lot of bike (and smiles) for the money, I recon the true cost will be closer to £2000 once we have parted with some of the spares we would not need, making her a real bargain!

Suzuki GSX-R1100 K Slingshot standard indicatorsOnce insurance was sorted (see stage 2) we looked at what was needed to get her to MOT standard, headlight wiring loom was first on order, just the one on ebay matching our 1989 K model and also a set of screen screws. A quick shop at motorbike-breakers.com found us in possession of a brand new set of four standard Slingshot indicators at a very reasonable 30 quid, in almost immaculate condition, thrown in was a slightly accident damaged and bent R&G tail tidy with integrated number plate light, subject to finding some mounting points we might be able to use this.

Done a bit of internet window shopping, rear huggers are difficult to locate, although in fairness we haven’t looked much beyond eBay. Therefore, as this is a ‘Special’, we are exploring the possibility of getting something manufactured in alloy or maybe carbon, a local chap has been sourced, watch this space…

Also, we have really thrown ourselves into this project (some might say it’s an obsession!) and we found ourselves looking for a GSX-R1100 private registration the other morning, there’s don’t seem to be many good alternatives out there, we will keep looking for something affordable and that looks good(ish), please get in touch if you see anything priced below £250!

The bike came with a recent full service (inc. new chain) and new YSS shock so the servicing is all taken care of.

Suzuki GSX-R1100 Slingsahot K double-braced swingarmHowever, we are undecided and torn on what to do before we have even started this project! We recently acquired a double-braced swingarm (I know, we don’t understand why you would do a doubled-braced swingarm either, but it is different) from a GSX-R750/GSX-R1100 Slingshot hybrid, which we have now decided to keep (as a result of this purchase), however, in keeping with the already polished frame, the swingarm will therefore need polishing, a local chap (who comes VERY highly recommended) charges £250 for a SINGLE braced swingarm, GULP! We will share the results next week.

However, 1) will it fit our bike?, 2) will it look cool?, 3) Can we afford it?, 4) Will it spoil the look?, 4) Can we then fit a standard rear hugger? 5) Will it interfere with the Danmoto exhaust…FFS!

Why does life have to be so complicated?

The next crisis is whether to fit the headlight fairing and top side fairings, or neither! We’ll run a poll on our Facebook page shortly and see what the readers say…

Suzuki GSX-R1100 Slingshot K rear endOne other issue, there is no plastic undertray, it is welded aluminium underneath (which does look cool) but has not been finished so the battery is exposed, not sure what to do about this yet.


Horn and rear caliper need fitting but were provided with the bike. Both pretty essential for the MOT, but I’m no expert.
Fit spare nose cone bracket to suit K model fairing.
Offer up the swingarm (too late we’re committed, it WILL fit!).

Rear paddock stand (in blue of course) and garage mat required.

Until next time, ta ta for now…