Suzuki GSX-R1100L – I’m a survivor!

Suzuki GSX-R1100LI haven’t seen many of these over last few years, it’s not really surprising when you think about how many have been used on the street fighter scene over the decades. Thankfully a few original bikes remain, you just have to look a bit harder to find them. This GSX-R1100L isn’t a point perfect standard bike, but it’s also not been mucked around with too much either. The most obvious changes are performance lead. The stock four into two exhaust is long gone, it’s fitted with a sporty four into one zorst now. The carbs are from a GSX-R750M, these are big 40mm bleeders, the original would have had 38mm carbs fitted. The air filters point to some fun and games in getting them to work!

Beyond these changes this GSX-R hasn’t survived too badly. Things like the original equipment mirrors and indictors are still present, I like that. The paint is original but it’s faded here and there, there’s also a few cracks to those nigh on thirty year old plastics. The bike still looks good, those twin headlights can still stare you out. A few years back it was shown some fuss, a thick wad of previous MOT certificates back up the genuine 25,000 miles. There’s also receipts for rebuilt forks and some Dyna coils, always a worthwhile mod on any old Suzuki.

Suzuki GSX-R1100L ClocksSo what’s next for this bike? It’ll be advertised for sale, prices for all oil cooled GSX-Rs have increased over the last few years, immaculate GSX-R1100L models appear with price tags around £4,000 to £5,000 given the condition of this one we’re putting it up for £2,495.

It’s cheap speed in an iconic package, hopefully the next owner will come along soon.
GSX-R1100L service history

GSX-R1100L engine