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never run GT185London based musician and record producer, Robbie Moore has a rather unique problem, following a honeymooning bicycle tour of Italy a decision was made that next time the trip would be much better on a powered machine. “We missed so much of the scenery due to the limits of cycling” Robbie recalled “There was endless opportunities to see lots more of the Italian countryside and lifestyle if only we could have detoured from the cycle route more easily.” With this in mind upon there return Robbie’s stepfather opened up his garage and revealed a 1970s Suzuki GT185 stored since new and never put on the road. “He offered me the bike but in doing so started a whole new chapter in the machines life, as in reality, it isn’t suitable for any kind of touring and I feel it would be a crime to undo the history by giving it life. Ideally the bike needs to be in a museum or some collection to keep it in then condition it is in, to put it on the road would be a shame. It is also hard to put a value on as its quite unique being as new and unrestored, but can only remain so if left in its current state.”

never run Suzuki GT185Robbie’s stepfather is 73-year-old John Ballard, still a keen petrol head, with a Harley V Rod and Morgan sports car in the garage, sitting alongside the 70s Suzuki. John began his biking career upon leaving school, a bicycle soon making way for a 150cc BSA Bantam, and then a dreadful Iso Milano Scooter before cars came into his life.

Robbie Moore and stepdadWhen asked why he had the GT languishing completely unused in his garage for so long, John explained; “During the 70s, with a rapidly rising inflation and the economy not being at its best, I figured if I wanted nice things in my life then I had better start buying them now. The Suzuki was bought very much with the future in mind, unregistered and with just pushed around mileage on the clock, it joined a Datsun Sunny and many more new machines that were subsequently placed into storage. The plan was always to use it and the others too but, as time passed, other things came and went and the Suzuki remained unused to this day.

mileage the result of being pushed around“The GT cost around £350 and I agreed to take it away from the dealer with nothing other than the documents to register it at a later date.” As such, the Suzuki is still as it came out of it’s crate 36 years ago, the mirrors have never been fitted and the period crash bars that were bought at the same time remain unmolested too. The only mark on the whole machine is that left by evaporated fuel as it has dripped from the tap on to the engine casings.“

GT185 accessories never fitted“Quite what would happen should I turn up at DVLA with the old paperwork could be interesting to see, but it may just be the case that they will look upon it as a new machine and as such it would have to comply with the latest regulations for emissions etc.”

Fuel staining from dripping tapFor now the problem still remains, what will happen to the “as new” Suzuki? Robbie is keen to hear from any interested parties that would like such a machine as part of their collection and have the correct plans in mind for this long-standing member of the family.

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