Suzuki OR50 Funky Moped

Suzuki OR50 Funky Moped

Suzuki OR50 MopedOf all the classic mopeds out there this is by far the funkiest! The Suzuki OR50 oozes Easy Rider styling, there’s no cooler way to do 30mph.

You won’t be too surprised to discover that they never sold that well, finding one can be an issue if you really want one.

That makes this one even more desirable, it’s covered less than a 100 miles from new! Even more amazing is the fact it’s never been restored. The logbook reveals that there’s only been two owners since 1980!

There will soon be another name on the V5c document, it’s just been sold after a very short time on the market.

Suzuki OR50 MopedWe love the craziness of the design of this funky moped, it’s a head turner that’s definitely still got that wow factor.


Suzuki OR50 Funky Moped OR50 Suzuki OR50 Funky Moped