Suzuki RG Gamma

Suzuki RG Gamma – Kill or Cure?

Suzuki RG GammaHow many times have you seen a motorcycle that’s being broken for parts and wanted to step in and save its life? The path to hell is littered with good intentions, and many of the people I know have bought a project only to realise that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

We are currently sorting out a new regular video, and this will be the very subject that we’ll be putting under the headlight.

Suzuki GammaWe’ll be scouring the UK for unloved motorcycles and then taking time to assess whether they are any good.

If we decide that they’re  beyond economical repair etc, then they’ll get a ‘Kill’ label slapped on their head, which means we’ll break them up for parts.

Anything with a hope will be receive a ‘Cure’ tag.

These bikes will be offered for sale at the end of the weekly video.

This week we’ve been busy buying up a variety of motorcycles so we can start filming later this month.

This Suzuki Gamma is a perfect example of what we hope to find, a machine that’s been left for dead.

Suzuki GammaIf this came our way we’d definitely be torn between given it a ‘Kill’ or ‘Cure’ future.

Gamma IMG_8776