Suzuki RGV500

Suzuki RGV500 – Things that make us go ohh

RGV500 2-stroke pipesThat pearly white paint mixed with those blood red Lucky Strike logos, it’s possibly one of the best paint jobs to ever adorn any race bike. It’s not the most clever design but boy does it work.

This ex Schwantz Suzuki RGV500 can transport you back to 1993, it was the year that Kevin won his only 500cc world championship. These days it gets pulled out for motorcycle shows and media work, you can see why!

RGV500It’s dimensions are tiny, anything that could be made lighter was, so long that it retained strength where required. Every part of this bike was the best that was available back in 1993. I could admire it for hours, that’s why it’s a ‘Things that make us go ohh’

RGV500 Cockpit


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