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Take a virtual tour of the Ducati Museum in Bologna

The Ducati Museum, which already attracts an incredible 40,000 passionate fans and visitors from around the world every year, is set to attract hundreds of thousands more as the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer opens its doors to a virtual tour with Google Maps.


The National Motorcycle Museum Appoints Museum Director

James Hewing has been appointed as Museum Director at the National Motorcycle Museum, based in Solihull. Following a successful 2013, particularly for the conference centre, directors of the museum are keen to continue to develop the museum during 2014, its 30th year of operation.


New Arrival at Brooklands Museum

The Vintage Motorcycle Club has chosen Brooklands Museum as the place to display its Brough Superior SS80. Our photograph shows VMCC President, Vic Blake with Motorcycle Team leader, John Bottomley on the day that the machine was handed over.


Barcelona Motorcycle Museum

It is dedicated to Catalan bikes, from 1905 till 2010 and specific exhibitions to all those pioneers which set up the foundation of one of the most brilliant industries in this country and who also managed to plant the seed…