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Kawasaki ZZ-R1100

There can be no better way for any bike manufacturers to enter a new decade than with a highly developed and ground-breaking machine. Kawasaki not only achieved this task with relative ease but also added a new category in the biking world line up when they effectively stuck the attributes of a sports bike and tourer together to form the tag Hyperbike.


Ducati 916 Road Test

It shocked the world when it first appeared in 1994 and it think of it as a classic 18-years on is equally as shocking. The Ducati 916 is still a stunning looker considered by most to be a better bet cosmetically than its replacement, the 999.
The 916 is a true icon of the 90’s and beyond. It screams it uncompromising image even at a standstill while the under seat exhaust booms, adding to this once the engine is running.


Honda CBR900RR Fireblade Road Test

The design of the Superbike was generally thought to have been well sorted during the transition from the 80s to the 90’s. Alloy beam frames, ever widening tyre sizes, and four cylinder engines were the norm, and technical revelations few. Then, completely out of left field came the CBR900RR and changed it all, causing a never-ending power struggle that continues unabated 20 years on.


Suzuki GSX1100ET Street Special

Upon first impression, this GSX looks much like a standard bike, as the initial impact fades away however, it becomes clear that little of the original bike still exists. The weedy front end has gone, as has the entire back end too, in their place items that wouldn’t look out of place doing a far more industrial task.


Kawasaki ZXR750 Road Test

The ZXR750, first seen in 1989, is a beautiful machine even by today’s standards. It is sleek and very business like looking. Lavishly finished in a thick coating of paint that is so typical of Kawasaki’s top bikes from the period, the livery mimics the racing styling perfectly.


Ducati 851 Road Test

Ducati came of age in the late 80s, using ideas that the Far East thought as antiquated and as such not worth pursuing, the Italians enjoyed staggering race successes, and with it many sales to the public, motorcycling hasn’t been…