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Ducati Pantah Race Bike

Allan McKee is a regular in UK magazines having featured along with his 1100 Katana as well as a regular competitor with the FRC and the Earlystocks club.


Ducati 750 SS

The 750SS, and its larger brother, the 900SS represented the culmination in the development of the two valve Panth engine that had begun with the racer of 1980.


Ducati 900 SS

The 900 Supersport introduced at the beginning of the nineties was the natural development of the series of machines that had started with the Pantah powered TT1.


Ducati 500 Pantah

It always comes as a pleasant surprise to find out that some of the immaculate machinery seen at shows is in regular use. This Ducati Pantah is one such machine and gets a run out when ever the fancy takes owner, John Lamb. Even more impressive is that fact that John is still a very active biker at the age of 65, only recently he toured Switzerland on his 1990 Ducati 750 sport.


Ducati F1

The F1 was one of the first products to emerge from the Ducati factory following the Cagiva taker over and was essentially a street version of the TT1/TT2 equipped with full road equipment.


Ducati 916 Road Test

It shocked the world when it first appeared in 1994 and it think of it as a classic 18-years on is equally as shocking. The Ducati 916 is still a stunning looker considered by most to be a better bet cosmetically than its replacement, the 999.
The 916 is a true icon of the 90’s and beyond. It screams it uncompromising image even at a standstill while the under seat exhaust booms, adding to this once the engine is running.