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Ducati Bevel Twins – The Essential Buyers Guide

Packed with good advice on choosing the right Ducati bevel twin, with a comprehensive inspection guide and in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses, this book covers desirable upgrades, modifications to avoid, valuation and predicting which models will become collectable (if…


Ducati 851 Road Test

Ducati came of age in the late 80s, using ideas that the Far East thought as antiquated and as such not worth pursuing, the Italians enjoyed staggering race successes, and with it many sales to the public, motorcycling hasn’t been…


Ducati Pantah

As the success of the bevel drive NCR 900’s started to wane Ducati introduced a new engine that would provide the motive power for the next generation of racers in the form of the belt drive Pantah v-twin.