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The New Hesketh 24

The first new model from Hesketh Motorcycles in the 21st century will be the Hesketh 24. Taking inspiration from Hesketh’s illustrious Formula 1 roots, the Hesketh 24 uses James Hunt’s F1 Grand Prix winning ‘24’ car as the basis of the bikes’ styling.


Hesketh V1000

What happens when a well-heeled Lord decides to build the Rolls Royce of motorcycles to sock it to the Japs and put Britain back at the top of the two-wheeled heap? Prices were reassuringly high, as was the promise of…


1984 Hesketh V1000

Hesketh was never big. If anything it was pitifully small – only a few hundred V1000s sold worldwide, but the same can’t be said for the bikes themselves. They’re huge. A Hesketh’s dimensions – 550lbs dry weight and 59.5 inches…