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Suzuki GT250 X7 Restoration

Gary Haythorn is well known within the classic world having been a regular attendee with his stunning machines at the many classic shows over the last few years. His latest creation is a superb better than new Suzuki X7, the first 250cc machine to be capable of a genuine 100mph, a position it held for two years until the next generation of quarter-litre bikes arrived.


Suzuki GT250 X7 Road Test

Ton up Teenagers There have been many races throughout the 20th century, but rarely one more hotly contested than the rush to get a quarter-litre road machine past the magical 100mph barrier. From the late 60’s on, many claimed to…


Suzuki GT250A Road Test

Gone in a cloud of blue smoke The 70s was all about the Japanese outdoing each other at every opportunity. Usually we think of the superbikes as the battleground for this war, but things was just as hot further down…