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Yamaha 500 GP History – Part 3

During the 70’s the Yamaha GP spec 500 was never made available in any form whatsoever to the public making it a very mysterious machine indeed, the only ones that existed would be the few closely guarded factory items, unlike the thousands of TZ250/350 twins and the hundreds of 750 fours produced.


Yamaha V-Max – Living life to the Max

From the outset Steve Dunlop had set his sights on owning a V-Max now, just a year after passing his test, and completely by chance, his dreams have come true. I came to biking a little later than most people…


Yamaha RD500 YZR500 Replica Special

The many bikes on display at shows grab your attention for a whole host of different reasons. It may be their pristine restoration or even a similarity to your own machinery, either past or present. Nigel Kimber’s Grand Prix YZR 500 immediately smacks as something that just should not even be there.