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Yamaha RD250 Earlystock’s race bike

Apart from the fact the he wins, not just individual races but championships as well, Richard Insall is not in any way the typical motorcycle racer, he has only a passing interest in the mechanics of the bike and holds an incredible blind faith in other peoples claims for parts that he buys or uses.


Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat Road Test

When launched in 1996, the Thundercat was derided for its portly looks and dated technology, a few years on however and those in the know have a different opinion. Dealers cant get enough of them and although there is plenty of good examples around getting your hands on one isn’t easy, we take a look and find out what the fuss is all about.


Yamaha XS flat tracker

Yet another stunning machine from the collection of Sutton Coldfield’s Alastair McQuaid, the yellow and black Yamaha America painted machine has seen much action on the fierce battlefields that make up the US flat track scene.


Yamaha YAS1 Road Test

Introduced in 1968, the Yamaha YAS1 defies all motorcycle logic, even by today’s standards of miniaturisation. As a development of the previous Yamaha roadster twin designs, the vertically split, twin-cylinder engine is compact and powerful, this in turn is wrapped in an equally diminutive frame that does its best to hold the wheels inline and weighs next to nothing in the bargain. Looking around the AS1 chassis you cannot help but notice the amount of parts that wouldn’t look out of place on a moped.


Yamaha RD50

37 year old Neil Pullen’s affair with this RD50 began two years ago when he bought a Yamaha DT50M as a little bit of fun and also as a practical machine for his wife Sarah. Being a bit short in the leg department the DT seemed the perfect choice for her to get her biking experience upon. Having lavished the DT in new parts costing many hundreds of pounds the novelty of the 45 mph machine soon wore off for Sarah who then graduated on to a Yamaha TW125 leaving the by now immaculate DT50 to sit in the garage and later to be sold.


Yamaha FZR750 Road Test

If the Gixer was one of the turning points in the development of modern day sports machines then as little as two years later the lid was firmly placed upon the tin marked Superbike with the first appearance of the FZR range. The first FZ was seen around the same time as the introduction of the GSXR but that machine lacked the class needed to separate it from the masses.


Yamaha FJ1200

Few machines have made an impact and stuck around for so long as Yamaha FJ series. Although little changed from its original design way back in 1984, the FJ is still up there among the best of the sports tourers. The production run lasted for the next 12 years and during that time small but none the less important items were altered or added to the initial design brief to create a true legend of its time.


Donington Classic Festival – Celebrating Yamaha

Keeping the momentum of last year’s 50th Anniversary celebrations going, Yamaha is very pleased to
announce a forthcoming event – Donington Classic Festival – Celebrating Yamaha.
Set to take place over the weekend of August 11th & 12th at the
famous Derbyshire circuit


Yamaha XT500 Special Phase 4

Dave Newitt is a driven man; his desire to build the perfect thumper has to be admired as he gets it so right, so often. Chris Pearson samples yet another, but is it the final chapter? We hope not.