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Yamaha RD125LC Restoration

The L-plate laws changed quite dramatically during the early 80’s, young riders no longer being able to ride the latest 250cc tackle, instead having no option but to get a 125 restricted to just 12bhp. Yamaha was on the case however; the single cylinder RD125LC mimicked the styling of its larger LC siblings and, once liberated from its lowly learner-legal beginnings, it was fast too.


Yamaha RD350 YPVS Restoration

As if the original LC wasn’t enough Yamaha went several stages further in 1983 with the introduction of the YPVS equipped version. Considerably more hi-tech than anything before, the Powervalve won many a heart, and race too, In more modern times, as people flock to Elsie ownership, it may lag behind in the desirability stakes, but the YPVS is still an attractive proposition for restoration.


Yamaha RD400 Classic

Steel worker, Gary Shipley has one big regret, and parting with his beloved RD400E is it. Having started his biking career at the age of sixteen, as so many others did, on a Yamaha FS1E, Gary progressed on to a 250 Kwak triple and then onto a Honda CB400 before leaping at the stroker twin, buying the air-cooled Yam in October 1980, a good few months after the new boy LC was launched.


Yamaha TZ

Every now and then a machine comes along that grabs the racing world by the scruff of its neck, and opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the private racer. Inconceivable in modern times, during the 70s, it was entirely possible to afford and buy a competitive machine from your local dealer and, with a little preparation, be the owner of a machine capable of winning a club race or grand prix alike.


Yamaha YDS7 Road Test

It may well come as a bit of a shock but there was a perfectly good and happy life to be had before the arrival of the Yamaha RD series of machines all those years back in 1973. The Yamaha 250cc twin cylinder dynasty actually began as far back as the winter of 1964 with the YDS3, with a 350cc version, the YR3, joining this a little over four years later.


Yamaha XJ650 Turbo Restoration

When the wind blows Once upon a time, 35 years ago, the world thought that the future lay in turbo technology, every major manufacturer built such a beast, even James Bond rode one, but the idea didn’t catch on. Within…


Yamaha FS1E “Fizzie” Road Test

Yamaha Fizzie Fifty In the 70s there was but a few thoughts that occupied a young lads mind, of course girls was the major distraction, as was the dream of being a pop star, but getting on the road as…


Yamaha RD350R YPVS Road Test

Do the best nuts come from Brazil? When set up correctly any “Valve” can be a pleasure to both own and ride with more than adequate brakes and chassis for the speeds involved, while keeping the 50 plus horses in…


Yamaha RD500LC Road Test

Smoking days gone by The RD500LC was the first of its kind, borne out of an exceedingly short lived period when a small, and intimate, group of mid capacity two-strokes supposedly mimicked the world of the GP racer. Before this…


Yamaha XT500 Road Test

Thumping good fun The 70s was a time of great technical advancement within the Japanese sector that left the rest of the world struggling to keep up. Yamaha turned the clock back a few years with one particular model however…