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Yamaha FS1E Restoration

A true icon of the 70’s the fizzie became the must have for any 16 year old of the period, and now the root of many a mid life crisis and middle age desires too. 48-year-old Tony Collins is a talented paint sprayer, who describes himself as being stuck in a seventies time warp “I love old sports mopeds” he laughs. “I have been restoring and painting cars since I was 17, this all started when a mate of mine wanted stars and stripes on his crash helmet, I do own a Suzuki GT750 as well as the fizzys, but my true love is my Fantic choppers i have four of these to date.


Yamaha FS1E “Fizzie” Road Test

Yamaha Fizzie Fifty In the 70s there was but a few thoughts that occupied a young lads mind, of course girls was the major distraction, as was the dream of being a pop star, but getting on the road as…