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Yamaha RD125LC Restoration

The L-plate laws changed quite dramatically during the early 80’s, young riders no longer being able to ride the latest 250cc tackle, instead having no option but to get a 125 restricted to just 12bhp. Yamaha was on the case however; the single cylinder RD125LC mimicked the styling of its larger LC siblings and, once liberated from its lowly learner-legal beginnings, it was fast too.


Yamaha RD125B Road Test

The Yamaha RD125 is a strange mix of ages, taking much of its architecture and design from the Yamaha’s of the 60s. With only minor engine mods separating it from the early AS3 range, it is a small and compact…


Yamaha RD125LC Road Test

New world order The RD125LC was borne out of a potentially disastrous time for UK and European motorcyclists. Pre 1982, the learner laws allowed all over the age of seventeen to buy a pair of “L” plates and instantly gain…