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Yamaha RD250 Earlystock’s race bike

Apart from the fact the he wins, not just individual races but championships as well, Richard Insall is not in any way the typical motorcycle racer, he has only a passing interest in the mechanics of the bike and holds an incredible blind faith in other peoples claims for parts that he buys or uses.


Yamaha RD250/350 Road Test

Styling in favour of um, dare one say it, a British shaped tank and there you have it, Yamaha’s current middleweight offerings resplendent in groovy 1974 colours of irridescent blue, red or green We all know about inflation, revaluation of…


Yamaha RD250LC Restoration

Elsie, my long lost love Having missed out on the craze the first time around, Colin Olivier has, some 26 years on, really got the LC bug. Having owned what looks like the who’s who of late 70s and early…