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Yamaha RD500 YZR500 Replica Special

The many bikes on display at shows grab your attention for a whole host of different reasons. It may be their pristine restoration or even a similarity to your own machinery, either past or present. Nigel Kimber’s Grand Prix YZR 500 immediately smacks as something that just should not even be there.


Yamaha RD500LC Road Test

Smoking days gone by The RD500LC was the first of its kind, borne out of an exceedingly short lived period when a small, and intimate, group of mid capacity two-strokes supposedly mimicked the world of the GP racer. Before this…


Yamaha RD500 LC Restoration

Yamaha’s first true race replica caused a scene when it was launched back in 1984 and the furore carries on today, the bike achieving a true cult status and with it, a large following. Just how difficult is it to…