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Spondon TZ Triple

Every so often you stumble upon a classic motorcycle that you know nothing about. This Spondon Yamaha racer hides a secret behind that freshly painted fairing, fully expecting to see a Yamaha TZ twin cylinder or the rarer TZ four…


Yamaha TZ

Every now and then a machine comes along that grabs the racing world by the scruff of its neck, and opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the private racer. Inconceivable in modern times, during the 70s, it was entirely possible to afford and buy a competitive machine from your local dealer and, with a little preparation, be the owner of a machine capable of winning a club race or grand prix alike.


Air-Cooled: The Yamaha TZ Ancestry

It would be difficult to write a technical article on any of the Yamaha twin cylinder production racers without mentioning their road going cousins. In more recent time, the link may have been more for homologation purposes but initially it…


Yamaha TZ750

The TZ750 story begins during the latter part of 1970 when Yamaha felt upstaged by the other Japanese manufacturers progress with large capacity Superbikes. Honda had the CB750, Suzuki the GT750 and Kawasaki the H2, while the nearest that Yamaha had to a big bike was the hopelessly outclassed XS twin and they vowed to do something about the situation.