1986 Yamaha TZR250 2MA

Team Allspeed / Stinkwheels team up with us for Endurance Legends 2018

1986 Yamaha TZR250 2MAEndurance Legends 2017 was the classic racing event of the year. Teams from across Europe gathered to compete in the 4 hour endurance race at Donington Park. There was no shortage of tasty race bikes, but we noticed a severe lack of two stroke entries! So, for 2018 we’ve addressed the issue and have been busy behind the scenes making sure that they’ll be at least one two stroke entry when the race starts this year.

The idea of an endurance racing two stroke often raises eyebrows, that’s another great reason to get one out to hassle the diesel teams.

We weren’t alone in thinking it would be a good idea, and we can now reveal that we will be going the ball! Let us introduce Team Allspeed / Stinkwheels.

The team is made up of several friends that all met via the Yamaha Past Masters race series. The bike is a 1986 Yamaha TZR250 2MA. This is a fresh build for the 2018 Endurance Legends race.

Yamaha TZR250 2MAThe bike is owned and run by Tony Greenslade of Stinkwheels and Allspeed exhausts. The engine has been built and tuned by one of the teams riders Andy “Bush” Davies. With the Crank, pistons and cylinder re-bore and parts all supplied by Paul at PJME in Wolverhampton. Paul has been a long time sponsor of Andy Davies since he started racing back in 2003.
The bike will be built to CRMC spec and the same as the two TZR’s we run in the Clubman 750 series last year. We also run these bikes in the Yamaha Past Master Series (YPM), so must meet their tight rules as well.

The riders:
Andy “Bush” Davies: Andy began racing in 2003 on a Yamaha TZR250 3XV. He won two club championships on this bike with North Glous Racing and BEMSEE. He started racing a 2MA TZR with BEMSEE in 2007 and has won several races in this series to date. He will be competing in the YPM series again in 2018. His has also raced a Yamaha TZ250 4DP and more recently a Honda RS125 with CRMC. His biggest achievement has been building and racing his Spondon 350 YPVS Formula 2 machine at the Classic TT in 2015 and won his class. He plans to enter the Classic TT again in 2018 on the same machine. When not racing on the tarmac he is busy racing a YZ250 in Enduro’s or in the garage tuning two stroke engines.

Ben Miles: Ben started racing motorcycles in 2006 on a TZR250 2MA. In at the deep end Ben swapped from Kart racing to motorcycles without any experience of riding at all. He did one track day to make sure he could ride a bike, then got his race licence. He has competed in the YPM series ever since> His best success was Championship runner up in 2013. Ben has also raced several Yamaha TZ250’s and his Honda RS125’s. He has won the TSGP 250 V-Twin Championship and last season made the swap to Classic racing on board his 1986 Honda RS125 in CRMC. 2018 he will be back on a TZR250 in the YPM championship and doing some more of the CRMC 125.

Graham “Higgy” Higlett: Graham returned to racing back in 2009 after a few years away from the sport. He bought a TZR250 from Andy Davies and when on to win the YPM championship in 2012 and 2014 on board the machine. In 2014 he did a double by winning the BEMSEE F400 Sub 64 Championship on his Kawasaki ZXR400 as well. He then made the swap to Classic racing with CRMC on board ex TZR250 racer Paul Bowling’s Honda RS125 and Triumph Rocket 3. He has enjoyed great success on board these machines and in 2017 finished runner up in the CRMC Formula 750 Championship. 2018 he will be back out on a P&M Triumph Rocket 3 and a freshly built Harris TZ350.

We will be following the progress of the team and be bringing you regular reports via the Classic Motorbikes Net website and Facebook page. We are looking for sponsors, if you like the thought of being part of our team then drop us a line.