Yamaha 500LC

That’s the way to find them! Yamaha RZ500 survivor

Yamaha 500LCWe love hearing about the discovery of a survivor motorcycle. Those bikes that have been parked up and then forgotten about. It’s no surprise then that this find got our attention.

Last used in 1991 this Yamaha 500LC had only covered around 10,000 kilometres before being forgotten about. Adding to its charm is it a one owner from new machine, that’s like getting hitting the jackpot in the world of the survivor. This bike wasn’t left in a barn, instead it was tucked away in a shed. It’s new owner confesses to being very happy with his ‘new’ bike. Having been sat for almost three decades, it’s pretty much complete and the only part that appears to be missing is the stone guard bracket on the lower fairing.

If you stumbled upon a bike like would you retain the patina and just get it road worthy, or go for a full on restoration?

Yamaha RD500LC cockpit

Yamaha RD500LC Instruments



Yamaha RD500LC

Yamaha RD500LC