The ABC of the Two Stroke 250

RG250The modern 250cc motorcycle is making a bit of a come back, but it’s the 250cc two strokes from yesteryear that get our attention.

This selection of quarter litre screamers belong to our friends at the ABC stable, each one is a perfect example of its breed.

Suzuki were the first manufacturer to put a full alloy frame around a production motorcycle engine, the result was the MK1 RG250 Gamma.

TZR250The ABC collection also have a late MK3 version, in a few short years the Gamma 250 went from being the future to being a has been. The opposition caught up and quickly surpassed the water cooled parallel twin cylinder RG250.

Was the Kawasaki KR-1 and the later KR-1S model better than the Yamaha TZR250? That’s a question that still begs for an answer. For many the RGV250 models are the purest two stroke street racers.

Edging their bets the ABC garage provides sanctuary for each of these contenders. It’s like a great hand in a Top Trumps game, with everything from a less than 700 mile old RGV250 to the quirky Yamaha R1Z all present.

TDR250We only got a smidgen of the models that the Japanese manufacturers churned out, and thankfully the ABC collection have plenty of other 250s, these include the TZR250 3MA and the rare Kawasaki KR250.

Each of these 250cc machines are special in their own way, how could anyone pick a favourite? We can’t!

RD250 TZR250 Yamaha TZR250 Kawasaki KR250 KR1-S RGV250 Yamaha R1-Z Yamaha TZR250 YPVS