The Art of Noise

IMG_9154In an age where we are never far from a camera there’s no excuse not to get that shot. Taking photographs of motorcycles is only half of the story at newly formed Pixel Creative.

With one eye on the subject and another on the edit they’ve created an impressive gallery of work since going it alone earlier this year. The focus (see what I did there) is mostly on Japanese classic road bikes from the 70s and 80s. The usual suspects you’d expect to find are there, bikes like the Yamaha LC, Suzuki GSX-R750 and a Kawasaki triple.

There’s also several race bikes that have been captured for the ‘Art of Noise’ prints. These include Kevin Schwantz’s Suzuki RGV500 and a genuine Suzuki XR69 racer.

With these classics getting further and further out of reach in terms of price, it’s one way to get a classic bike into your home. Pixel Creative have a Facebook page, there’s plenty more examples of their unique work on there, it’s well worth a look.