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The Despair Shop part 2 – SV650 Curvy

The Despair Shop Part 2 – Excaliper

There have been a few things this week that have brought me to the edge of despair, the main one being the SV that had a bad case of road rash. The rash soon cleared up with a bit of TLC and some of Nanny’s special cream, otherwise known as T-Cut. The TLC was actually several grades of wet and dry and some cellulose based knifing filler, the paint came courtesy of an ebay seller, it was a perfect match.

Mk1 Suzuki SV650 Curvy rear brake caliperI thought it was going to be Oh so simple until I discovered that the rear brake caliper was seized firmer than a super model’s buttocks and that replacements are about as common as brain cells in a politician. If you can find one it’s likely to have a 3 digit price tag and that sort of thing gives me palpitations so I had to fix the one I had. That was easier said than done as both Allen headed bolts were adamant about staying put. I welded bolts to them but the bolts broke off, in the end I had to cut the heads off and separate the two halves that way. It was all very stressful and I had to hide in my safe place for an hour and a half.

Yeah I know the stay bar needs removing, cleaning and repainting but I can’t justify doing it on a sub 1000 pound bike, which is what this will be once it has an MoT on it.

Putting the caliper back together was much easier, new seals went in, it works splendidly now.

I advertised the ZZR I did last time and sold it within 5 minutes – I had about 15 takers for that one even offering me £100 more than my asking price. I had already promised first come first served though so that was a pity.

The rest of the bike was pretty good, a new battery made it start far better than no battery at all, a couple of bulbs needed replacing – something weird is going on with the lights. One headlight is low beam only but when you switch to high beam it goes off and the other headlight comes on high beam. I need to look at that.

Mk1 Suzuki SV650 Curvy front indicatorsThe front indicators need replacing – originals are bloody expensive now so it will have those little bodge washers fitted and some much cheaper generic units will suffice. Again it comes down to money and folk round here don’t have a lot of it so if it looks ok and passes the MoT it’s a happy day scenario.

I had to replace the front tyre, which proved to be a bit tricky and involved swearing. In the end I bunged the wheel and the new tyre in the car and took it to the local tyre place. They only charge me a tenner and they get rid of the old one for me so I’m happy with that. I left it with them, went and posted out the previous day’s parts sales and by the time I got back they had it done.

I got the seat for my Aprilia RS it had taken a while but it looks the dog’s dangly bits with extra glitter. Feels really comfy too. Obviously it was essential to test the bike, I had only ridden it a very short distance but I discovered that the oil tank filler cap wanted to occupy exactly the same space as my anus. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience. Things were much better with the seat in place and so a quick blat seemed the polite thing to do.

I don’t know if any of you have sampled the delights of a Rotax 122 or 123 in rude health, all I can say is if you haven’t, make the time to do so. They are simply astonishing. The frame aint bad either – the whole package is a revelation and a complete hoot to ride. When the speedo hit 120 euro miles per hour I opened the throttle full and it still had tons of grunt. My brain reminded me I was on half knackered tyres and that I am not a particularly talented rider which caused me to back off. Not for long though, it’s properly quick and seriously addictive. Nothing brings one back from the brink of despair faster than a well sorted two stroke.

I need an RS or RGV250 now. I just have to know what it’s like. In the mean time I will have to make do with the shagged CBR600 that Scottie and Ian have lined up as the next piece of shit to do my head in.

I’ll go and pick it up tomorrow and see what the hell I have got myself involved in now. I was just getting some space in the workshop and now it will be full again. I will do my usual and give it a full and thorough assessment before I decide what to do with it and how to go about it.

Might as well pick up a van load of parts while I am there, I mean it’s not like I haven’t got anything else to do. It’s a fucking illness.

 Article provided by David Powell of Boston Bike Bits.

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