The latest on our Suzuki GSX1170 Runt

Suzuki GSX1170The road to hell is paved with good intentions, a stupid saying that I once saw on a fridge magnet. It sums up the last six months since I purchased the Runt, a bike I first owned over a decade ago.

Having been pushed around my garage since October last year I am now going to make the Runt my priority.

I’ve been making some progress on the quiet, thanks to Lucky7 the seat is now freshly recovered, it looks a million times nicer than it did before.

They also reshaped it, so now it’s adds something to the bike other than just something to plonk my arse on.

GSX1170Having not started the bike since the end of last year I thought I better wake the old girl up. Fully expecting to be met by a flat battery I was chuffed when I hit the button and it burst into life at the first time of asking. I left it catch its breath and get its Wiseco pistons nice and hot. Within a minute or so it was off choke and sat ticking over with no issues.

Don’t be fooled by the lights, there’s no wiring for them on the stripped back wiring loom, this was a race bike after all. A daytime MOT is my plan, but for that to happen I need to find a hooter and get it to work. The front tyre is also going to need replacing, the Avon that’s fitted is over 10 years old and perished in places.

Suzuki GSXWe’ve had an invite to display the bike at the BMF show next month. I know it’s not called that anymore, but I’m rubbish with the names of  rebranded products, something I say whilst eating my Marathon bar and a packet of Opal Fruits.