The motorcycle magnetic tank bag reinvented

The magnetic tank bag reinvented

SW-MOTECH PRO tank rings The new PRO tank ring system combines the innovative power of two German companies: the tried and tested locking mechanism from SW-MOTECH and the new magnetic guidance aid from Fidlock technology.

The magnetic guide, developed by Fidlock, steers the latching system on the SW-MOTECH Pro tank bag into position on the tank ring, then the lock clicks firmly into place, for a fuss-free fit every time.

An additional innovation also features on the tank bags, which now come with the latching system on a guide rail, so it can be easily aligned with the position of the ring on the fuel tank. Should the tank bag need to be used on a different bike, the latch can be slid into place so it fits on neatly.

SW-MOTECH have responded to customer feedback and incorporated several suggestions into the design of the new PRO tank bag range, including larger outer pockets, with wider openings. Manufactured from Ballistic nylon, the top of each bag is made from laminated EVA, which gives the bags their distinctive shape. A military-inspired M.O.L.L.E. attachment system allows optional smartphone and tablet mounts to be securely fitted to the top of the tank bag.

SW-MOTECH PRO tank bagSW-MOTECH PRO tank rings are available for most popular makes and models of motorcycle and PRO tank bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from 3-litre to 20-litre capacity. Prices (inc VAT) as follow:

  • PRO Micro tank bag 3-5 l. £81.53
  • PRO Daypack tank bag 5-8 l. £115.86
  • PRO Engage tank bag 7-10 l. £128.73
  • PRO City tank bag 11-14 l. £163.06
  • PRO Sport tank bag 12 l-17 l. £167.35
  • PRO Trial tank bag 13 l-18 l. £171.64
  • PRO GS tank bag 16-20 l. £188.81

Prices for PRO tank rings start at £25.75.

Pro tank bags and rings are available from SW-Motech’s UK distributor Motohaus at