Honda 250N Superdream

The power of Dreams…

Honda 250N SuperdreamYou can’t beat having a good Dream.

The Honda Super Dream is one of those bikes that can split a room of motorcyclists faster than a dog passing wind. There’s those who love them, and those that loathe the twin cylinder 250 twin.

Last month we ran a feature on the humble Honda Super Dream and the comments varied from those that rate them, and those that slate them.

Never ones to sit on the fence we have to admit that the Dream is a guilty pleasure for us here at Classic Motorbikes.

A friend of ours is also a fan, and this stunning unrestored example belongs to him.

Honda SuperdreamPaul Saxby purchased the bike four years ago, and since then he’s used it on a regular basis. It’s had plenty of polish and it’s pretty damn original, right down to the original saddle.

This is one of the rare examples that didn’t end up with a top box and Rickman barn door fairing fitted.

Paul confirms that his bike hasn’t had to wait for job in EC1.

Paul’s looking forward to racking up some miles this year, they’ll all be for pleasure and not business.