Honda CB750

The ultimate Honda 750? – Things that make us go ohh

CB750 engineHere’s another gem from the David Silver Honda Collection. Dave’s collection wouldn’t be complete without a Honda CB750.

It was one the biggest sellers from the Honda range during the seventies. The single overhead cam engine was used in lots of different models until 1979 when it gave way to the DOHC power plant. Of all those SOHC models the CB750K0 is recognised to be the one that we should bow down to. Arriving in 1969 it created the term superbike overnight. Those very first K0 used sand cast crankcases, this is the biggest difference over the subsequence models that followed. This K0 hides a really cool detail, it’s the 750th CB750 built, and its frame number proves this.

How cool is that!?

Honda CB750 K0