Honda Urban Tiger Blade

The Urban Tiger – Things that make us go ohh!

The logbook might state that it’s beige but we don’t care, this is one of the most iconic paint jobs every applied to a motorcycle. Honda gave us the Urban Tiger Blade in 1994, it was resplendent with its fifty shades of beige. Honda Fireblade

The original Fireblade was launched in 1992 and Honda were keen to keep it sharp. Those early bikes aren’t bad but there’s something about this prowling tiger. The paint wasn’t the only thing to change, in typical Honda style there were many nips and tucks, the most obvious being better suspension, a wider top fairing and that ‘foxeye’ headlight. The RR-R was the only year that we got the urban tiger stripes, the RR-S was the same bike but the paint was much less distinctive. If we could find one we’d love to cage ourselves a tiger.
Fireblade RR-R

Honda Fireblade RR-R