The Virtual Classic Motorcycle Show

The Virtual Classic Motorcycle Show!

Are we all tired of lockdown? So are we!

Relax, Bennetts Bike Insurance have organised a virtual classic bike show! How does this work, we have no idea but we’ll try to give you an idea of what’s in store…

All of your favourite motorcycle shows that would usually have been held in the recent weeks are either postponed or cancelled. As riders, we are amongst the most sociable people. Shows are a chance to get together, look at other bikes, show off our own, buy things we probably don’t need and generally just celebrate the awesomeness of motorcycles.

Hosted from Thursday May 7 until Sunday May 10, much like a normal show, this is just an opportunity (and excuse) to show off your ‘classic’ bikes that were built in 2006 or before, talk about the ones you should have bought (or shouldn’t have sold), share memories and talk about restorations, rebuilds, future rides and the things you need to buy next.

There’ll be a chance to see exclusive content, including John McGuinness showing off some of his personal collection of classic bikes, win prizes, take advantage of some special offers, make new friends, watch some classic races, and much more.

Please visit the link below and join in; 

Virtual bike show