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The World’s Strongest Denim: Unbreakable is a game-changing product for motorcycling

Saint cc UnbreakableUnbreakable is a game-changing product for motorcycling are claiming to have created the world’s first single layer protection for bikers. Using the World’s strongest denim, Saint have produced a video that goes a long way to back-up their statement, with the ‘Unbreakable’ material abused by a belt sander, used as chin-up bar and repeatedly attacked with a sharp knife. are motorcyclists whose mission it is to create a range functional riding apparel for style-conscious riders who want to look good and feel comfortable on and off the bike without compromising on safety. This form and function are balanced effectively by using a unique milling process, stretching and blending industrial and military application threads with merino and cotton.

The Dyneema fiber technology used in Saint’s range of high fashion safety wear is also utilised by the USA and UK military in both personal and vehicle armor. It is woven through Carbon Fibre to increase strength and resistance and also used in the medical world to create replacement joints, due to its light weight, strength, and durability.

The Unbreakable range contains 62% Dyneema fibers all over; this ensures the wearer has the highest impact and abrasion strength protecting both Zone 1 and Zone 2. The Model 1 range contains 66% Dyneema fibers on all impact zones such as knees and seat and 10% through the rest of the item. Ensuring maximum protection where you need it most with the utmost flexibility and comfort.

Using military grade technology, this breakthrough gives the opportunity to increase the feel through from road, to bike to the rider. Providing a more pleasurable ride but with absolute peace of mind if things get a little random.

Current Kevlar denim solutions are outdated, using technology which is heavier and offers virtually no flexibility. Not to mention hot and uncomfortable conditions to both riders and pillions. Saint denim uses current military solutions to provide wearers with the same protection as leather (about 3.7 seconds of abrasion resistance) while keeping you cooler and more free to move while off the bike.

Future advancements to the denim include a “nano-spherical finish” to make it water-repellent and to improve the stretch of the material. With further development increasing the world’s strongest fiber by up to another 30%

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