Yamaha RD350LC - YPVS Special

The Yamaha RD350LC / YPVS Special

Yamaha RD350LC - YPVS SpecialA popular conversion back in the day was to retro fit the RD350YPVS engine in the RD350LC chassis. Over the years it didn’t stop there, modern forks and wheels were often added to these hybrid machines. They maintain the looks of the LC and add performance and handling.

Unit5Motos have this modified LC up for grabs. In a world where we’ve gone full circle and many modified machines have been restored to standard, it’s great to see a special  bike that’s the result of lots of time and money invested.

We spoke to Unit5Motos to get the lowdown on the bike.

Yamaha RD350LC Special“It’s a 350LC with a 350 YPVS engine fitted. There’s a one off  stainless steel exhaust with carbon cans fitted. The paintwork is a pearl white with blue stripes  paintwork. The original LC forks and wheels are long gone, instead there’s a Suzuki RGV250 front and rear end fitted (done with NK Racing at great expense) There’s a set of Billet front calipers. The changes keep coming, there’s a Vapour dash, NK headlight brackets, Billet kickstart, and a clear window clutch cover fitted. Topping it all off is a suede seat cover”.

This bike isn’t your usual lash up, it has had thousands of pounds spent on it over the past 15 or so years that the owner has owned it. Backing it up are wads of receipts and invoices with it.

Yamaha RD350LC - YPVS Special engineSounds great and rides well, it made over 60 bhp last time it was on the dyno.

This is a great looking LC Special, and one that has not been seen in the LC world much at all.

£7295 The bike comes with the logbook and will have 12 months MOT on it.

Contact Unit5Motos ( Romford) on 01708 372 122