770cc 1913 Ivy engine

Things that make us go ohh – 1913 Ivy 770cc Motorcycle

1913 Ivy rear wheelIn 1913 this Ivy 770cc motorcycle would’ve created quite a stir, in the corner of a race paddock at Croft today it still can stop grown men in their tracks. It’s owner has just restored it, he bought it a few years ago at the Stafford show, it needed lots of tlc. Now fully restored the next challenge was to start it, the last time that the engine fired was 50 years ago. Adding to the fun is the lack of kickstart, the Ivy uses a hand cranking method, no doubt cutting edge 104 years ago. With a crowd of onlookers getting larger the Ivy burst into life! Classic-motorbike.net was chuffed to be there!1913 Ivy 770cc Vintage Bike

770 Ivy Motorcycle